Claire & Beto as guest teachers at PAVADITA, Sunday 16th Nov

Alberto Ortiz & Claire Loewe will be join in PAVADITA this Sunday- the wonderful, traditional Milonga in Hammersmith.
We will be teaching the Intermediate Class at 7 30- 8 30: Theme..Tango Vals!
Dancing from 8.30pm -11.45pm
Class & Milonga £12
Full Bar
Free Buffet
DJ Nikki
more info:

TSL goes to Buenos Aires,27th March-10th April 2015, JUST A FEW MORE PLACES LEFT!!!

TSL goes to Buenos Aires, 27th March-10th April 2015

After a very successful trip last year, I am now in a position to propose a wonderful deal as to accommodation in BA, where we can share a great house with 7 luxury bedrooms (all en-suite), our own large kitchen, and a terrace with dance space & jacuzzi! Included is breakfast & room service!!! The place belongs to a dear friend of mine called John, and this is the reason we will be getting such a good deal. His house is reputedly on the oldest street in BA in San Telmo, and you are at the heart of the city with great access to transport & milongas.

To see more look up (house pictures).

ALL LEVELS WELCOME.. B.A has something special for everyone, so NOW is the time to go get it!
There is also currently a sale on British Airways direct flights, so worth looking up!

Look up photos from last year here

There is currently 1 double room available (the other 4 have been booked), which would come to US$ 704.00 per couple for the full two weeks.

There is 1 twin room (1 already taken) which are also the same price ($352 each for 2 weeks)

1 person in a double could come to $550 for 2 weeks.

Please let me know asap if you are interested in joining us by contacting me on
Of course, you may decide to stay in other apartments, and join us socially for milongas/meals/sightseeing!



Dancing with Jorge Dispari!…

I wrote this post the morning after performing with the great Maestro Jorge Dispari on 20th September 2014..
‘The Ride of my Life!!!’

I don’t usually write long posts, but there is so much from last night I want to share that this time is an exception!
Last night something very special happened in my life. Something I suppose I thought would only happen in a dream, and I would wake up in awe and then laugh at myself !
It has probably been about 15 years since I took my first class with Jorge & Marita Dispari, an experience that was actually like waking from a dream and seeing Tango for the first time in all its structured, musical, delicate, visceral beauty. Like a magical compass point, I had already noticed how the
the needle would swing their way every time I found the tango I loved in teachers, dancers. A true blood line to a way of dancing that just resonates with the fibres in my soul..that makes complete sense to me.
Tangosouthlondon came to being because I had to continue this search for Villa Urquiza..and I did not want to be alone! If there could be only a few of us dancing in this beautiful way, that’s all I needed!
And what an amazing journey it has turned out to be, bringing the most wonderful people into my life, and profoundly connecting experiences on and off the dance floor. There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing something precious..exploring it together, living its up’s and downs. Some ‘students’ (although they are really all fellow travellers) have been with TSL for 8 years now, and continue to pass down to the beginners. We have a community, a family!different people with different lives, but a shared desire to vibrate those Tango de Salon & Villa Urquiza heart strings together.
We have been so lucky to have found Adrian & Amanda Costa- they were & are here to nurture the Villa Urquiza in us, to pass on Jorge & Marita’s wisdom.
Through A&A, we were finally in a position to ask Jorge & Marita to come to visit our family!
Jorge & Marita tirelessly and whole heartedly transmit their absolute passion for Tango de Villa Urquiza. I am in awe of their undying fire!
This time, with Marita’s recent knee injury, she commands from her wheel chair in the classes, with an undeniable presence- she see’s everything. More than 50 years of Tango means she does not need her feet to transmit her vision..its in her every fibre.
Jorge’s utter conviction that tango IS WALKING is a glorious thing to behold, because when you see a room full of people walking together in harmony, it’ is pure poetry. And he is right, get your balance in your walk, and the figures will come..and so much more!
I will write a post on his teaching, as it deserves much more space and time, but right now I want to finish with what happened last night!.
Jorge asked me to perform with him, as Marita needs to rest her knee.
I know he could easily have cancelled the performance!they are in no need to prove anything or do anything. Marita’s knee injury just a few weeks ago was sustained on stage in Moscow infront of huge crowds!they have been voted as one of the most influential teachers in the world by a recent survey etc.
Last night Jorge said he wanted to support me & TSL, because of that shared love for the dance.
Our performance was the second time I have ever danced (yes, danced..never mind performed!) with Jorge in my life..the last time was two years ago – one tanda in a milonga!. No practice, no idea of the music until 20 minutes before, and out we went. A bit like walking through coals for me!but WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!
I flew as we walked, just FLEW!!!! I felt him lead me through the music, oh to be guided by his deep knowledge of the music..I now would close my eyes and walk through Hades with him ( hopefully to Tanturi!!). And then I ballsed up his beautiful enrosques, those beautiful, beautiful enrosque’s..dear God that must be a sin. I ground to a halt as I giroed, unsure whether to go or not. But he just kept holding me and leading me, letting me be me in all my moments of flight and tumblings to the earth.. I scuffed his foot, he trod on my toe..and then we took off again.
And the bows at the end..the whole hearted bows that Jorge swung us into!those alone made me feel utter joy. Because Jorge was saying a big yes to the experience of it!
Thank you, dear Jorge, for the RIDE OF MY LIFE!
Thanks you Jorge for sharing your beautiful Tango with me and all your students.
You risked so much, and yet you laughed at the end and I know you care more about Tango then anything else. Real, true, improvised, full of mistakes tango..
Thank you Marita for cheering us from your wheel brought the house down. You lent me your husband for 10 minutes, and I know how hard it was for you not to dance. Its your life. You are a joy..
Thanks also to Ivan at Negracha for going with the whole thing with warmth & trust..
And so, my dears, there is another performance with Jorge and I tonight!
The third time ever to dance with him, and undoubtedly I will flounder and stutter, but I cant wait for those flying moments, those musical jewels!

Sat 26th July: Bickleigh Castle Gran Milonga

TANGOSOUTHLONDON is having a ball in the wonderful Great hall in Bickleigh Castle, Devon!
Sat 26th July
DJ Beto Alberto Ortiz
Traditional milonga
8 30pm- 1pm

7 30pm : BBQ dinner (wide range of food including veggie, fish etc- run by wedding chef so a rather wonderful spread!)
£13 with food,
£8 just milonga.
Public bar

Please contact Claire ( if you would like to reserve meal/ just milonga.

There will be 20 of us there already for the tango course (a few places for the workshops still available…more details )

Look up the glorious venue here:

Hope to see you there…

Tango Holiday with Adrian & Amanda Costa, Buckland House Aug 25th-31st

TSL Goes to BUCKLAND HOUSE- a beautiful Georgian mansion in Devon,
*********FULLY BOOKED *******
The arrangements are now completed for our summertime extravaganza in true Downton style! Buckland House sits in rolling parkland, farm & woods, and has terraces & a swimming pool next to the house. There is a lake with rowing boat & lots of fish, plus skeet shooting & croquet lawn, as well as full size snooker tables, ping pong, 2 sitting rooms, breakfast rooms, libraries etc… and most important, a glorious large ball room (seen above)!
Adrian & Amanda are great teachers who will inspire you not just through steps, but incorporating musicality, culture, ideology, history & LAUGHTER! You will have the opportunity to practice and deepen your understanding and skills in a way that ultimately makes all the difference!
The prices below include:
Over 21 hrs teaching
24 hour availability of ballrooms/ practice rooms to dance!
Accommodation- spacious, quiet & beautiful
Private swimming pool, lake, croquet lawn and more!
Breakfast and Lunch & 3 dinners
Transport whilst at the house on Monty’s double decker open-top bus!
3 dinners- you have the option to join us visiting local restaurants, or self catering.
We will all be staying at the house, and all the rooms are really charming and spacious with gorgeous views! I have decided to set the price at one level for all, so its first come first serve.
There is room for 24 students.
*There are mostly double rooms either with 2 single beds or a double.
You are welcome to book as a couple, or a single willing to share with one other. Bathrooms- Each bathroom is shared. They are spacious too..and there is unlimited hot water!
If you want to see some pics, look up
A full size Layland,topless bus driven by Monty! This is the way to travel, let me tell you! Weaving on the small lanes with the wind in your hair and amazing views…
Getting there:
You are of course, welcome to drive.
Pick ups from Exeter train station can also be arranged (we will let you know what time)
For evening meals or excursions, you are welcome to join us on the Leyland bus!
We will have an in-house cook, so a varied & healthy spread for Breakfast & lunch, and 3 dinners – all in the Downton Abbey style breakfast & dinning rooms….. and we WILL be dressing for it too!
Early-Bird price (booking before 16th May) is £720
After 16th May= £750
Deposit: £200.
(please note, this deposit is refundable only up to 6 weeks before)
Booking: Please contact

Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina at TSL, 27th-29th June

We welcome back the wonderful Samantha Anahi Dispari and welcome Santiago Fina to Tangosouthlondon, 27th-29th June.
They bring youthful passion combined with knowledge which brings Tango de Salon alive and uniquely their own. A unique chance to be infected by their inspiration- in a wonderful way!!.
Friday 27th June:
Gran Milonga @ The Constitutional Hall
7 30- 8 30 Milonga Class with Samantha & Santiago
8 30pm- 12 30 am:Milonga
10 30 pm performance by S&S
DJ Beto
Shoes on sale: latest collection from Regina (BUTANGO)
Saturday 28th June:
1) 1 30-2 30 Ladies & men’s Technique 1 (for all) (£15)
2) 3- 4 30 Tango (improvers+):Tango(£20)
4 30-5 30 Practica (free)
Sunday 29th June
3)1 30-2 30pm (for all) (£15)Ladies & men’s Technique 2
4)3-4 30pm Tango (improvers +):Giros & Vals(£20)
4 30-5 30 Practica (free)
Venue: The Constitutional Hall, 33 East Dulwich Grove, SE22 8PW
Private lessons available Sat & Sun evening
@ 15 and a half Consort Road, London SE15 2PH
Please book for Sat & Sunday classes by emailing Rae at

TSL at WESTFIELD shopping Center; Mon June 2nd, 6 45- 7 30pm Free beginners class, 7 30- 10pm Free milonga +performances by Luis & Claire

Westfield Presents Tango W12, a monthly Tango Milonga with an open class for beginners, on the first Monday of every month. This June we are delighted to welcome Claire Loewe & Luis Rodriguez from TangoSouthLondon. The class starts at 6:45pm on May 19 April, no partner necessary. Please note we are in a new location this month – on the 1st Floor by M&S.
Come along & enjoy a class by these great teachers completely free of charge. The class will run from 6:45pm till 7:30pm and is open to complete beginners as well as any dancers looking to brush up on their steps. The space will be open from 6:30pm.
After the class, there will be a short performance by Claire & Luis, & then the milonga running through till 10pm. This will be an opportunity to practice what you have learnt in the class as well as a chance for more experienced dancers some social dancing.
Tango W12 Facebook Page –
or web page:

TSL short movie..'What our students say !.'

Here is a wonderful wee film made by Bob Komar & Ambreen Hameed about TSL!’what our students say’..
It warms my very cockles..
(Lots of you TSL’ers can spot yourself in it!)

TSL short movie..’What our students say !.’

Here is a wonderful wee film made by Bob Komar & Ambreen Hameed about TSL!’what our students say’..
It warms my very cockles..

(Lots of you TSL’ers can spot yourself in it!)

Telegraph Hill Festival: TSL class & Milonga, 4th April

Telegraph Hill Festival
20 years old in 2014
21 March – 6 April
Over two weeks and three weekends, 60 events offer something for everyone: shows, concerts, open studios and art shows, interactive exhibits, classes, workshops and more. Come along, support your Festival and have fun.
Friday 4 April :Argentine Tango with Tangosouthlondon
7.00pm – 8.00pm for Class with Luis & Claire
8.00pm – 11.00pm for Milonga..DJ is local Tanguero Thomas Keenes
St Catherine’s Church
Forget what you’ve seen on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’: come and discover the beautiful, improvised, close embrace style of the real Argentine tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires. Claire Loewe and Luis Rodriguez of East Dulwich based Tango South London ( lead a one hour ‘taster class’ for complete beginners where you can find out just how addictive this glorious dance can be, followed by a ‘milonga’ (social dancing to authentic tango music from the 1930s to 1950s), and a short performance.
£10 for Class & Milonga
£5 for Milonga only
Buy Tickets
No need to bring a partner. Please wear leather-soled shoes if possible (heels are helpful for women).