Adrian & Amanda Costa at TSL, 13th-18th Oct

Adrian & Amanda Costa at TSL, 13th-18th Oct 2015

The wonderful Adrian & Amanda Costa will return once more to TSL to nurture the very best of Tango de Salon, Villa Urquiza style in all of us!

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATES (error in previous publicity!!!)- apologies for any inconvenience…
Tues 13th Oct
6)7 30 – 8 30pm technique (£10)
7)8 30 – 9 30pm Class (improvers +) (£10)
9 30 – 11pm free Practica

Wed 14th Oct
8)7 30 – 8 30pm Fundamentals (beginners to all levels) (£10)
9)8 30 – 9 30pm Class (improvers plus) (£10)
9 30 – 10 30pm free practica

SAT 17TH OCT (Constitutional hall)
2- 3 Musicality(£10)(all levels)
3 30- 5 Tango (£15) (all levels)

(Claire’s house)
2-4 Semi-private class/ practica for advanced dancers.(£25)

Gran Milonga
7 30 -8 30 Milonga class with A&A
8 30- midnight Milonga
10pm A&A performance
Class & Ball= £15
Just ball £12

For all events EXCEPT FOR SUNDAY SEMI-PRIVATES, the Venue will be : (The Constitutional hall)

You can book for these workshops by writing to Rae Stoltenkamp at

JORGE DISPARI & MARITA presentation & discussion forum..'What is Tango Villa Urquiza?"

THIS Sunday 6th Sept:
2 30-4 30pm Presentation with Jorge Daniel Dispari & La Turca
A unique opportunity to hear from Jorge & Marita what is Villa Urquiza Tango- its history, form, music & exponents. Screenings of film clips will be used to illustrate.
Don’t miss this chance to hear it straight from the source!!!
Price £20
Refreshment provided.
VENUE: Claire’s house – that Monty built (as seen on Grand Designs!)
15 and a half Consort Rd, SE15 2PH

TSL WEEKLY PRACTICAS (Free practice sessions)

EVERY TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY there is a FREE PRACTICA at Tangosouthlondon head quarters, The Constitutional Club! 33 East Dulwich Grove, SE22 8PW
This is a large hall with a sprung wooden dance floor- perfect for practising all your tango, from walking to figures, at any level.
There is also a fully licensed bar
Golden age tango music

EVERY: Tuesday: from @ 9 45-11pm
Wednesday: from @ 9 45- 10 30pm

So if you are in the area, do drop in and join us 🙂

Jorge & Marita Dispari at Tangosouthlondon, 1st-6th Sept 2015

Tangosouthlondon are honoured to host:
Jorge Dispari & Maria ‘La Turca’
Tuesday 1st Sept- Sun 6th Sept 2015

Jorge & Marita are back!!…These Masters of the Masters need little introduction; they are a legend in the history of Tango Villa Urquiza style.
This is a rare opportunity to learn about the many aspects of Tango de Salon from a couple who live and breath its unique ancestry & come and let them transmit some pure Tango into your dance!
This is their only stop in the UK so dont miss it!…

Tuesday 1st Sept:
1)19 30- 21 30 class (intermediate +)£20 Villa Urquiza walking steps- different combinations
21 30- 23hr Free practica

Wednesday 2nd Sept:
2)19 30- 21 30 class (improvers plus) £20 Villa Uriquiza musicality & subtlety
21.30- 22 30 Free Practica

Friday 4th: 19 30-21 00 Negracha: class & performance

Saturday 5th:
3)2 30-3 30pm (all levels) Technique for women & men (£15)
4) 4-5 00pm (intermediate plus) An introduction to figures (£15)

Sunday 6th Sept:
*5)2 30-4 30pm Conference with Jorge & Marita (NB venue is Claire’s house) A unique opportunity to hear from Jorge & Marita the history of Tango, focusing on the 40’s and how tango was danced then. There will be a chance for discussion. Screenings of film clips will be used to illustrate. (Refreshment provided). £20

6)7 30-8 30 hr (all levels)(Milonga)
8 30hr-midnight GRAN BALL (£15 with class, £12 just ball)
10 30 Performance by Jorge & Martia
DJ Ricardo Peixoto
Shoes by Balanceo
Clothes by Butango
Nibbles & bar

VENUE: THE CONSTITUTIONAL HALL, 33 EAST DULWICH GROVE, SE22 8PW * except Sunday 6th conference is at Claire’s house (15 and a half Consort Rd, SE15 2PH)

For bookings please contact Rae on

Looking forward to a superb week of tango….:-) xClai
For bookings please contact Rae on
If you do not have a partner, you may be put on a waiting list as we attempt to balance numbers!
Looking forward to a superb week of tango….:-) xClaire

Gran Milonga at Bickleigh Castle, Sat 25th July 2015

TANGOSOUTHLONDON is having a ball in the wonderful Great hall in Bickleigh Castle, Devon!
Sat 25th July 2015
DJ Beto Alberto Ortiz
Traditional milonga
8 30pm- 1pm

7 30pm : BBQ dinner (wide range of food including veggie, fish etc- run by wedding chef so a rather wonderful spread!)
£15 with food,
£8 just milonga.
Public bar

Please contact Claire ( if you would like to reserve meal/ just milonga.

There will be quite a few of us there already for the tango course (a few places for the workshops still available…more details here.

Look up the glorious venue here:

Hope to see you there…

Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina, 9th-14th June

We welcome back the wonderful Samantha Anahi Dispari and Santiago Fina to Tangosouthlondon, 9th-14th June.
They bring youthful passion combined with knowledge which brings Tango de Salon alive and uniquely their own. A unique chance to be infected by their inspiration- in a wonderful way!!.
Tuesday 9th June; Venue: The Constitiutional Hall
1) 7 30-8 30 Ladies & men’s Technique 1 (for all) (£10)
2) 8 30- 9 30 Tango (improvers+):Tango(£10)
4 30-5 30 Practica (free)
weds 10th June: Venue: The Constitiutional Hall
3) 7 30- 8 30 Fundamentals (for all) (£10)
4) 8 30- 9 30 Tango (recent beginners plus) (£10)
Sat 13th June: Venue: The Constitiutional Hall
1 30-2 30 Ladies & men’s Technique 1 (for all) (£10)
3- 4 30 Tango (improvers+):Tango(£15)
4 30-5 30 Practica (free)
Sunday 14th June: Venue: The Asylum href=”,-0.060821,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4876030f234b75b3:0x989b74d688f468a3″>The Asylum
Gran Milonga (£15 with class, £10 just milonga)
5 – 6 Milonga Class with Samantha & Santiago (£10)
6 -9 30pm: Dancing for all
7 pm performance by S&S
Private lessons available
@ 15 and a half Consort Road, London SE15 2PH
Please book by emailing Rae at

The Asylum Chapel Milonga, Sunday 14th June, 5-9 30pm

We return to this magical venue for the second time this year…
Sunday 14th June, with special guests Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina
Here is a wonderful short film about our last milonga at the Asylum

5-6pm Milonga class with Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina
6- 9 30pm Milonga
7 30 Performance by Samantha & Santiago
DJ Beto
Free nibbles & cake, tea & coffee
Pay on door: Ball & Class=£12
(nb: no delicate shoes!)

Listed by Time Out & The Guardian as one of South London’s top venues-

‘worth a trip for the venue alone’ (Timeout)..

Travel: Train station: Queens rd, Peckham (10 mins by train from London bridge, or direct on London overground). 7 minute walk from station down leafy Asylum Rd.

Parking: plenty of street parking on Asylum Rd- also in ‘toy’s r us’ car park close by…

Next TSL Milonga, Friday 27th Feb

Friday 27th Feb
Venue:The Constitutional Hall, 33 East Dulwich Grove, SE22 8PW

7 30-8 30 Milonga class with Alberto Ortiz & Claire Loewe
8 30-midnight MILONGA
(£12 with class, £10 just ball)
DJ Alberto Ortiz
Nibbles available
Bar open ( v reasonable prices!)

MDS..more about this charity we are supporting at the TSL Birthday Ball, 17th Jan 2015

For the TSL Birthday Ball, Sat 17th Jan, we are supporting a small but invaluable charity that helps patients with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome ). This means there will be a fab RAFFLE where the proceeds all go to this charity..

Sophie Wintrich, a TSL student, is one of the team that make so much possible.
This is her info about their work:

Our website:

Description of what MDS is:
Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) is a rare type of blood cancer where the bone marrow can no longer produce the correct quantity and quality of blood cells.
Myelo = Bone Marrow; Dysplastic = strangely shaped or abnormally shaped
MDS are a group of malignant blood disorders – and are types of Bone Marrow Failures.
Cells that can be affected:
Red cells (also called erythrocytes) – which carry oxygen to organs and tissues in the body.
White cells – which collectively fight against infection.
Platelets (also called thrombocytes) – which prevent us from bruising and bleeding.
There are different levels of severity of MDS – ranging from Low-risk, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 to High-risk MDS. It can then progress to leukaemia in a third of cases.

Most people, newly diagnosed with MDS, have not heard of this disorder before and the diagnosis usually comes as a severe shock.
It mainly affects people from the age of 60, but we know of children and young adults with the disease.
In the UK, about 2500 new patients get diagnosed every year with MDS. This will increase severely in years to come as our population ages.

There is no known cure for MDS, other than a stem cell transplant, but most patients are too old to survive a transplant. So many patients end up being transfusion dependent with their quality of life severely affected.
It is a progressive disease – so patients need to learn to live with the possibility their life may suddenly worsen dramatically at some point. Some treatments can alleviate symptoms and prolong survival for a while, but many of our members die prematurely.

What out charity does to help patients and their families:
This disease is rare and complex to understand. The diagnosis is usually a severe shock for patients and their families. We are here to offer information and support via phone, email, chat forum and facebook, available away from the consultation rooms – where there is never enough time to ask the right questions.

We help patients to feel less isolated, by connecting them to other patients. We organise group meetings for information and fave to face contact. This is particularly important with a rare disorder.

Lastly, we campaign for access to treatments, as often the drugs for such diseases are deemed too expensive for the NHS, and are therefore rejected, denying some patients some extra months or even years of life.
To make a drug available, we have applied pressure on pharma manufacturers to reduce their costs and worked with organisations such as NICE to highlight drug benefits, from a patient perspective.

We don’t receive any funding from the government, but they point to us for assistance on their official websites.
We are a small team of 2 full time employees, and a part time volunteer.
We have 10 board members who help out in various capacities, mostly patients themselves.
We have been going since 2008.
It is hard work – as there is always more to do – but it is also very rewarding.
Thank you all for reading through all of this and learning about this little known but very severe condition.
Mostly thank you for your support by attending this second charity milonga at TSL.
And massive thanks to Claire for inviting us.

For extra help – you can decide to become a stem cell donor – if you are aged under 55.
It is no more painful than a blood donation – and can save a life. Check out website for more info:


TSL weekly classes: term dates in 2018

TSL Taught by Claire & Beto,who focus on clarity & an in-depth understanding of this beautiful dance.
And of course, there is no magic pill for improving your tango! This means that at TSL, even if we put you through your paces & it can take time, we prioritise a deepening of your skills & understanding the music in order to feel the JOY!!!.
For details of class times & prices, click here

Term dates


WEDNESDAYS: THERE WILL BE NO WEDNESDAY CLASSES in August 2018, but please do come to the Practica on a Tuesday.
Wednesday beginners classes resume in September, starting 5th Sept, 2018 at 8pm (Complete beginners), 9pm (Improvers)- with Beto Ortiz.

TUESDAYS; in August will be a Practica open for alL.These are drop-in practice sessions for all for only £5…and there are friendly students there to give advice, dance, and generally get into the Argentine tango vibe!

There is a taster every first Sunday of the month- please go to tango taster day for updated info and to book