ARGENTINE TANGO is currently enjoying a welcome renaissance all over the world. Tango’s defining characteristics of intimacy, intensity and improvisation give it an enduring fascination. It is also great exercise and helps to improve such qualities as rhythm, musicality and coordination. Learning a dance, especially an improvised version such as social Argentine tango, brings great benefits to mind, body & soul.

Tangosouthlondon (TSL) specialises in teaching the traditional Argentine Salon Tango- this is the beautiful, improvised, close embrace style that is danced socially. There is an emphasis on the Villa Urquiza style, that is grounded in being able to change the dynamic and length of steps, change from open to close embrace & develop complex figures- but always as a means to expressing the music.

After 8 years in South London, TSL now has flourishing community of dancers passionate about Tango. We offer all levels of classes & many other exciting events including balls, guest teachers from Buenos Aires, free practice sessions, film nights and Tango Holidays.

Resident teachers Alberto Ortiz & Claire Loewe share a passion for teaching Argentine tango that respects the roots in the Golden Age of or its elegance & subtlety.

So if you are looking to try something new, that has all the depth & culture inherent in the history of this beautiful dance, with its close connections to the gorgeous music from the Golden Age of tango, and also have fun, just come along to a Taster Day or Beginners class!

Here is a short video of Claire & Beto performing a tango Vals:

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