-Do I need to book classes?

No need to book the drop-in weekly classes- just turn up!

You will need to book for the taster day..either by paying the full amount on-line or by filling out a form…

Special guest workshops also need booking in advance.

-Do I need a dance partner?

No, you don’t need to come with a dancer partner. During the class, we give everyone the choice to change partners. We encourage changing partners, as this can help improve your tango, as there are often mixed levels abilities so you can also learn from each other. However, those who come as a couple and would like to stay practising together are absolutely given that choice also.

-What if I only want to dance with my partner?

As above..we encourage changing partners, as Argentine Tango is a social, improvised dance rather than a choreographed series of steps. Once you decide to take to the social dance floor at Balls & milongas (dance parties) you have the opportunity to change partners and socialise also.

-What if I want to swap roles?

You are welcome to take any role you choose! In class, we will sometimes ask you to take the opposite  role in order to deepen your understanding for the lead & follow.

-What to wear? !

Shoes: It is best to wear shoes with leather soles that let you pivot easily. For ladies, a shoe with a heel (does not need to be sky-scrapers!) can help put you in the correct position to dance. For both men & women, do try to avoid shoes with long toes (winkle pickers being the extreme!) as this can result in stepping on each other toes!

Once you get hooked on tango, there are beautiful Tango shoes that can be found for both men & women- we can advice you as to the best retailers, & often they are also on sale at our  Tango Balls.

As for clothes Shoes, anything that lets you move comfortably. For ladies, it is helpful to be able to see your ankles in order to correct technique.


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