Tango South London:TSL

Beto is Back teaching Tuesday & Wednesday classes in Sept ’19

TSL is BACK for the new term!
Join Alberto Ortiz for the last month of classes at The Constitutional Hall!!!!
Tuesdays, 8-10pm Intermediate Level classes
Wednesdays 8-10 beginners/Improvers Class
Our beloved hall that has allowed salon tango to flourish, giving us space, a real sprung wooden floor, and very economic drinks at the bar is now set to PERMANENTLY CLOSE on 30th September.
We are very sad…..
So come and celebrate 13 years of Tango, including some GREAT maestros, and many wonderful students who have felt the pulse of the ronda.

There will also be a final Ball on Friday 27th September, a time to say thank you to the Constitutional Hall floor with our feet!