1 30-5pm

Absolute Beginners Taster day

Teachers: Beto Ortiz & Claire Loewe

Learn the basic language of Tango in a day- a chance to whet your appetite and see just how addictive this dance can be. You will learn about leading, following, musicality and the embrace. By the end of the day you will be able to improvise and enjoy some Tango steps, understand some of the Tango culture, but most of all get a sense of the challenges & bliss of this glorious partner dance.

This workshop needs to be booked in advance in order to secure your place.
YOU CAN BOOK ONLINE NOW..just follow the instructions below.You will receive an online ticket that you will need to show on the day.
Aternatively, you can send an email to Tanya if you have any queries: tangosouthlondon@yahoo.co.uk

You are most welcome to come with a partner or independently – you will have the choice to stay dancing with your partner or to practice with others in the group. 

Please bring leather-soled shoes – this will help when turning. Women can bring high heeled shoes or other shoes that are comfortable but also with leather soles.

Cost: £30
Venue: The Constitutional Club
Here is a short film ‘What our students say about TSL’

3rd April

1st May

5th June

then ALL first Sundays in each month throughout the year!!!

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