Dancing with Jorge Dispari!…

I wrote this post the morning after performing with the great Maestro Jorge Dispari on 20th September 2014..
‘The Ride of my Life!!!’

I don’t usually write long posts, but there is so much from last night I want to share that this time is an exception!
Last night something very special happened in my life. Something I suppose I thought would only happen in a dream, and I would wake up in awe and then laugh at myself !
It has probably been about 15 years since I took my first class with Jorge & Marita Dispari, an experience that was actually like waking from a dream and seeing Tango for the first time in all its structured, musical, delicate, visceral beauty. Like a magical compass point, I had already noticed how the
the needle would swing their way every time I found the tango I loved in teachers, dancers. A true blood line to a way of dancing that just resonates with the fibres in my soul..that makes complete sense to me.
Tangosouthlondon came to being because I had to continue this search for Villa Urquiza..and I did not want to be alone! If there could be only a few of us dancing in this beautiful way, that’s all I needed!
And what an amazing journey it has turned out to be, bringing the most wonderful people into my life, and profoundly connecting experiences on and off the dance floor. There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing something precious..exploring it together, living its up’s and downs. Some ‘students’ (although they are really all fellow travellers) have been with TSL for 8 years now, and continue to pass down to the beginners. We have a community, a family!different people with different lives, but a shared desire to vibrate those Tango de Salon & Villa Urquiza heart strings together.
We have been so lucky to have found Adrian & Amanda Costa- they were & are here to nurture the Villa Urquiza in us, to pass on Jorge & Marita’s wisdom.
Through A&A, we were finally in a position to ask Jorge & Marita to come to visit our family!
Jorge & Marita tirelessly and whole heartedly transmit their absolute passion for Tango de Villa Urquiza. I am in awe of their undying fire!
This time, with Marita’s recent knee injury, she commands from her wheel chair in the classes, with an undeniable presence- she see’s everything. More than 50 years of Tango means she does not need her feet to transmit her vision..its in her every fibre.
Jorge’s utter conviction that tango IS WALKING is a glorious thing to behold, because when you see a room full of people walking together in harmony, it’ is pure poetry. And he is right, get your balance in your walk, and the figures will come..and so much more!
I will write a post on his teaching, as it deserves much more space and time, but right now I want to finish with what happened last night!.
Jorge asked me to perform with him, as Marita needs to rest her knee.
I know he could easily have cancelled the performance!they are in no need to prove anything or do anything. Marita’s knee injury just a few weeks ago was sustained on stage in Moscow infront of huge crowds!they have been voted as one of the most influential teachers in the world by a recent survey etc.
Last night Jorge said he wanted to support me & TSL, because of that shared love for the dance.
Our performance was the second time I have ever danced (yes, danced..never mind performed!) with Jorge in my life..the last time was two years ago – one tanda in a milonga!. No practice, no idea of the music until 20 minutes before, and out we went. A bit like walking through coals for me!but WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!
I flew as we walked, just FLEW!!!! I felt him lead me through the music, oh to be guided by his deep knowledge of the music..I now would close my eyes and walk through Hades with him ( hopefully to Tanturi!!). And then I ballsed up his beautiful enrosques, those beautiful, beautiful enrosque’s..dear God that must be a sin. I ground to a halt as I giroed, unsure whether to go or not. But he just kept holding me and leading me, letting me be me in all my moments of flight and tumblings to the earth.. I scuffed his foot, he trod on my toe..and then we took off again.
And the bows at the end..the whole hearted bows that Jorge swung us into!those alone made me feel utter joy. Because Jorge was saying a big yes to the experience of it!
Thank you, dear Jorge, for the RIDE OF MY LIFE!
Thanks you Jorge for sharing your beautiful Tango with me and all your students.
You risked so much, and yet you laughed at the end and I know you care more about Tango then anything else. Real, true, improvised, full of mistakes tango..
Thank you Marita for cheering us from your wheel chair..you brought the house down. You lent me your husband for 10 minutes, and I know how hard it was for you not to dance. Its your life. You are a joy..
Thanks also to Ivan at Negracha for going with the whole thing with warmth & trust..
And so, my dears, there is another performance with Jorge and I tonight!
The third time ever to dance with him, and undoubtedly I will flounder and stutter, but I cant wait for those flying moments, those musical jewels!