Lavocah Presents Pugliese- an Audiovisual treat! 15th Nov, 7 30pm

Michael is launching his new book – Tango Masters, Osvaldo Pugliese.

He joins us on a Tuesday night to present a 90 minute audio visual presention with many unpublished photographs of the maestro, his life and his work. This will be followed by 30mins where we will dance to Pugliese, and then an hour of practilonga.

7 30- 9pm Audivisual presetnttion by Michael Lavocah
9- 9 30 Dancing to Pugliese
9 30- 10 30 Practilonga

The evening will include musical examples of this iconic and charismatic orchestra leader from the golden age of tango, & Michael will be signing books on request. (£15 per book)

If you have read any of Michael’s other books, including”Tango Stories, Musical Secrets” and “Tango Masters, Anibal Troilo”, you know what a treat is in store! So do come along and discover a new depth of Argentine tango music that will influence your enjoyment of the dance.

No need to book, tickets are available on the door.