Tango South London:TSL

Gift Voucher

What  better gift to give than the chance to dance!!!!

Purchase a voucher, and bring someone a very special surprise! (Of course, it can be little present for yourself…just let your friends/family know where a certain gift can be purchased!)

There are vouchers to suit all levels, & the dates & times can be arranged as convenient throughout 2014.

Here are the following options:



A 3 hrs, 30minute group class specially tailored for Complete Beginners. The fundamentals of Argentine Tango will be introduced, including improvisation, musicality, the embrace &Tango culture. These Tasters happen once a month in East Dulwich, on a Sunday from 1 30-5pm.

Valid at any Taster Day in 2014.
For online purchase now, go to Beginners Taster Day



A 60min 1-1 class suitable for any level, from Complete Beginners to advanced.

Valid in 2014.

Same price per person as per couple.



(5 x 60 mins) Valid for any weekly group class in 2014 at Tangosouthlondon, and for all levels.

(Usually £50…….therefore thats a £5 discount!)


please contact Rae at tangosouthlondon@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to purchase a voucher, which can be sent to you/recipient by first post!