Tango South London:TSL

Tango Balls/Milonga/Practicas

7 30- 11 30pm
Raffle in aid of Downs South London

The moment you have been waiting from all year!!!
All welcome to our Xmas ball!!!!

A truly heart-warming occasion, with yummy xmas nibbles, festive tango themed vignettes to make you LAUGH, raffles and prizes, and of course a night to really DANCE your heart out on our perfect, sprung, spacious wooden dance floor to the original records from the Tango Golden Age.
No need to book- just turn up and enjoy that Xmas has come just that little bit earlier!

DJ:Zebina Ratansi
7 30-8 30pm Chacarera class with Beto, Lucy and a Bombo!
8 30- 11 30-Tango dancing for all, plus a short Tango panto-
Christmas nibbles
Public Bar

The Consitutuional Hall,
33 East Dulwich Grove
SE22 8PW
TSL PRACTICA, Tuesday 4th Dec, 10-11pm

TUESDAY 4th Dec, the TSL community welcomes YOU to join them practicing and dancing Tango in a wonderful large hall..

Come and revitalise your passion for tango..an opportunity to come and dance Tango in a relaxed atmosphere, No need to book- just turn up! ONLY £2 for the night, and a public bar …hosted by our very own Clive Davison. What more could you wish for? Don’t be shy, bring yourself and your tango and see how dancing/practising can make all the difference ….
Time 10-11pm
Venue; The Constitutional hall, 33 East Dulwich Grove, SE22 8PW

Lots of on road free parking
Well connected to busses and East Dulwich Train station
General Info re our milongas:The style we love to teach & dance is Tango de Salon (including the best of Villa Urquiza & fantasia). We welcome all styles, but we would like to emphasize that respecting the distance between couples, minimal overtaking, keeping the flow of the dance floor, and the use of cabeceo are important codes in our milongas.

‘Cabeceo’ or ‘nod of the head’, is how one invites and acknowledges a partner for a dance in the milongas of Buenos Aires. For dancing to have meaning it has to be desired by both the woman and the man. This method of asking a woman to dance gives her the ability to accept or decline with the minimum embaressment and social risk for all concerned. This ritual evolved over many years on the dance floors of Argentina, and although it is not without its pitfalls, I think it can be an elegant solution that also carries the charm of tradition.
Look up Ms Hedgehog’s excellent review of our milonga http://mshedgehog.blogspot.com/2010/04/tango-south-london.html