Tango South London:TSL

Tango Balls/Milonga/Practicas

Caroline Gardens Chapel, Asylum Road,, SE15 2SQ

The rare as hens teeth milonga at THE ASYLUM CHAPEL!!!
If you have not managed to make it to this extraordinary venue, then dont miss it!
We welcome the return of Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina, young beings with wise old tango souls :-)
DJ: Thomas Keenes

4-5 Class with S&S
5-8 30 Milonga
6 30 S&S performance
(£15 class & ball)
(£12 just Ball)
Tickets on the doorbest Asylum SSFotorCreatedhere

General Info re our milongas:The style we love to teach & dance is Tango de Salon (including the best of Villa Urquiza & fantasia). We welcome all styles, but we would like to emphasize that respecting the distance between couples, minimal overtaking, keeping the flow of the dance floor, and the use of cabeceo are important codes in our milongas.

‘Cabeceo’ or ‘nod of the head’, is how one invites and acknowledges a partner for a dance in the milongas of Buenos Aires. For dancing to have meaning it has to be desired by both the woman and the man. This method of asking a woman to dance gives her the ability to accept or decline with the minimum embaressment and social risk for all concerned. This ritual evolved over many years on the dance floors of Argentina, and although it is not without its pitfalls, I think it can be an elegant solution that also carries the charm of tradition.
Look up Ms Hedgehog’s excellent review of our milonga http://mshedgehog.blogspot.com/2010/04/tango-south-london.html

TSL WEEKLY PRACTICAS (Free practice sessions)
EVERY TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY there is a FREE PRACTICA at Tangosouthlondon head quarters, The Constitutional Club! 33 East Dulwich Grove, SE22 8PW
This is a large hall with a sprung wooden dance floor- perfect for practising all your tango, from walking to figures, at any level.
There is also a fully licensed bar
Golden age tango music

EVERY: Tuesday: from @ 8 45-10 30pm
Wednesday: from @ 8 45- 10 30pm

So if you are in the area, do drop in and join us :-)