Tangosouthlondon (TSL) is dedicated to widening our understanding of Salon Tango, with a special love of the Villa Urquiza style. By inviting some of the most inspiring world class teachers to TSL, a connection is made to the Masters past and present that is an invaluable source. We hope to continue & develop their work in our regular weekly teaching, so as to integrate their ‘gifts’, as well as the potential of making it our own.

It feels as if  TSL is in a ‘Barrio’  (quarter) of its own. Even though we are well connected by public transport, their still remains a strong sense of community & style here in East Dulwich which we are proud of.

Consequently, all the teachers we work with share a similar passion for Argentine tango that is musical, elegant & above all, SOCIAL!

We have the honour to host the great Masters, Jorge & Marita Dispari once a year at TSL…always a great privilege to have such depth & quality in their transmission not only of Tango as a form, but also Tango as a culture. TSL has an especially close bond with our masters Adrian & Amanda Costa, who have been an integral part in the formation of our school for the last 5 years. They teach the best of Villa Urquiza & Fantasia, and their Masters are Jorge & Marita Dispari.

Among other favourite teachers are Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga..they bring such enormous passion, laughter & joy to their teaching, that we are hooked!, And Bruno Abate, whose in-depth research, technique & experience of the milonga’s in BA gives us an essential perspective on social dancing…

Please also check the Holiday’s section for more workshops with visiting teachers…


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